Sedona Court Kudos

2017-12-08T19:33:59+00:00December 8th, 2017|Accomplishments, Client Testimonial|

SEDONA COURT Just a short note to say how happy the board & Owners were with tonight's meeting. We had a large turnout, with many Owners and every question was answered professionally and fully by Anita & Lindsay. After the meeting, we were told by Owners how impressed they were with Anita and how glad they are we found The Property Group. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing we have a real budget and support as we approach the roof/other items construction & funding choices. Thank you for agreeing to work with our little condo. The difference between your company and [our previous company] is night and day. Anita deserves a 5 star rating for tonight's meeting. Many thanks. Jennifer L SEDONA COURT Anita and Lindsay You both did a wonderful job last night. The meeting was one of the most successful and productive we've had here. I enjoyed the [...]