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A Thank You from Olympian Condominium

2016-10-18T05:40:53+00:00May 21st, 2015|Client Testimonial|

Hi Laura, I just came from a meeting with Brendan and Chris, and although you already know it, you have a real gem in your midst. I find everyone on your team top notch but oh my, that man is professional, effective, and efficient. I've been watching the emails fly back and forth between him and Jane and Chris (lawyers) and he doesn't miss a beat, a note, a minor, a major, or a detail in the small or big picture. He is an excellent listener and has a very precise focus on whatever is at work as he cultivates smooth interactions with each of us. He is much appreciated and impressive! I think the success of TPG occurs because you don't come from an ego place or believe that business leadership is just about profits, power, or money. You really have succeeded in creating a healthy organizational culture that [...]

A Thank You from Tillicum HOA

2016-10-18T05:40:53+00:00May 20th, 2015|Client Testimonial|

Laura, You know how valuable the reputation of a business can be. The reputation of a business is built on the actions and goodwill of its employees Laura, I'm writing to tell you that Anita Padilla is an outstanding advocate for our homeowners association. She understands the obligations of owners, landlords, renters, the association, and contractors. Her knowledge of the industry has helped us avoid risk and enabled us to make significant progress in addressing long-term and acute problems with our property at the Winslow Creek Condominiums. I am pleased with the personal attention that Anita has paid to our building in recent days and the effort she has made to build a working relationship with me and with our Board. Thank you, Anita! President Tillicum HOA