Sedona Court Kudos

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SEDONA COURT Just a short note to say how happy the board & Owners were with tonight's meeting. We had a large turnout, with many Owners and every question was answered professionally and fully by Anita & Lindsay. After the meeting, we were told by Owners how impressed they were with Anita and how glad they are we found The Property Group. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing we have a real budget and support as we approach the roof/other items construction & funding choices. Thank you for agreeing to work with our little condo. The difference between your company and [our previous company] is night and day. Anita deserves a 5 star rating for tonight's meeting. Many thanks. Jennifer L SEDONA COURT Anita and Lindsay You both did a wonderful job last night. The meeting was one of the most successful and productive we've had here. I enjoyed the [...]

Vikings Crest 2017 Kudos

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"I just wanted to take a minute to compliment the work crews that have been working on my building, Bldg. 8. They were so efficient. They come ready to work and don't let up until they stop. There is not chitchat or coffee drinking. I've never seen such hard workers. I also noticed that they very studiously avoid looking into windows which is always a temptation. Your guys are always topnotch. I know a bit about this as I am retried from Facility and Property management and have worked with lots of contractors. " Shari - Vikings Crest Resident  

Vikings Crest 2016 – 2018 Refurbishment

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Vikings Crest Owners Association is a Condominium located in Poulsbo, WA with 120 residential units spread over eight buildings. Residents enjoy the use of a Club Houe complete with heated pool, gym, hot tub, kitchen and function/meeting room. Buildings appeared to conventional light framed timber construction with beveled lap sidindg and flat engineered panels. Roofing consisted of multiple layers of asphalt composition shingles. In 2015, a building inspector discovered all of the decks on one building were sloping away from the building. An engineer was consulted who determined..... Click Here to continue reading the full story! VC 2016 Refurbishment Project

Olympian 2017 Asphalt Project

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Olympian is a Condominium located on Bainbridge Island, WA with three residential buildings. The association was incorporated 38 years ago, in 1978. Asphalt was failing, grades were sloped incorrectly, causing water to flood landscaping and thereby increasing the risk of water intrusion into below grade units, and the parking areas did not have a proper ADA space.... Click Here to continue reading the full story! OLY 2017 Asphalt Project

Thank you!

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Thank you. How wonderful to have a management company I trust to have my banking info and that I know will take only the correct amount (unlike our last one...) :) -Sedona Court Board Member

Great Job!

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A new buyer in the Tillicum Condominium notified our office that her decision to purchase within the  Association was made when she realized that it was managed by The Property Group and it's community manager Anita Padilla. The owner let us know she was impressed with the professionalism and candor of Anita Padilla and the knowledge that the community was being taken care of. What a wonderful thing to hear! Thank you!

Island Crossings Kudos

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THANK YOU for your continued and tireless patience with our residents. Obviously some of us insist on that silver spoon treatment. YOU and your department have done a grand job of getting us through this maze of work and restoration. I as President of our Board sincerely thank you for all you have done to please everyone. Gold stars to you and your crew! Island Crossings Condominium, Bainbridge Island

Olympian 2015 Refurbishment Project

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Olympian is a condominium located on Bainbridge Island, WA with three residential buildings. The roofs were projected to have a few years left before needing to be replaced. A number of leaks developed over the preceding years, causing damage to the interiors of units. Siding was starting to fail, in particular at joints and areas with minimal or no flashings. Flashings were missing in areas as well. Rot was developing at posts and other areas... Click Here to continue reading the full story! OLY 2015 Refurbishment Project

Winslow Park 2013 Refurbishment Project

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Winslow Park is a condominium located on Bainbridge Island, WA with six residential buildings and a rec room. A plan was developed in 2011 to replace the siding on one building each year, and Building 1 had new siding and paint completed this same year. During the course of replacing siding on Building 1, significant rot to this and other buildings was noted, along with surface and underground water collecting in crawl spaces.... Click Here to continue reading the full story! WP 2013 Refurbishment Project