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For more than 40 years, CAI has educated, advocated, published and informed people living and working in common-interest communties. Thanks to those ongoing efforts, we have a strong and valuable understanding of community associations today.

But what we do know about the challenges and opportunities that await common-interest communities in the years to come, and what can we do now to minimize uncertainty and elevate our collective ability to manage the future? With that question in mind, CAI embarked on Community Next: 2020 and Beyond, and initiative launched in 2015 to define the future of the community association model.

The results of this lengthy initiative are four Community Next reports that represent the best thinking of several dozen CAI leaders and nonmember community association stakeholders.

  • Association Governance Model
  • Community Management
  • External Influences
  • Public Policy Paradigms

While uncertainty cannot be eliminated, we believe these reports will help all of us anticipate and analyze trends and factors that are likely to influence community associations, their residents, association boards and professional practitioners in the years to come.

We extend our sincere thanks to the panelists whose time, energy, knowledge and expertise made these reports possible.