October 26, 2015


To Whom It May Concern,

We would like to take this opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for The Property Group.  Laura Harris and her team have always demonstrated professionalism and integrity in managing our property for the last several years.  She and her team have a broad breadth of experience and knowledge gained by their many years in the property management business.  Laura encourages further educational classes for herself and her employees to better educate and prepare them for their work and she has spent a great deal of her time and patience educating our board members on important issues also. The Property Group has done an excellent job, balancing our goals, the needs of our owners, and the care of our property.

We have come to rely on their honesty, integrity and wisdom in helping us deal with all different types of situations with our owners and our property.  Laura and her team are a wealth of valuable information, experience and are always willing to assist us.  We all deeply appreciate the ready communication and know that when we contact The Property Group, our concerns or questions will be addressed quickly and thoroughly and we will always be treated with patience, courtesy and respect.

The Property Group has always shown genuine concern and attention to our interests and financial well-being not just their own. This is a rare quality in today’s business world and we believe this sets them apart from all other management companies.  Because of this quality, we have developed a relationship with Laura and her team and think of them as part of our team.  We are all working together towards a common goal.



Arleen Swift, President

Cheryl McDonald, Treasurer

Diane Mayda, Secretary

Nancy Swengle, Director