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24-Hour Emergency Response

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After hour’s emergencies response, call (206) 577-0410

The Property Group is available 24-hours a day to provide professional emergency response and assistance with any type of property related damage you may have, including burst water pipes, fire, flooding, vandalism and storm damage.

Wind, water and fire cause millions of dollars in damage each year, and through mitigation of the damage and stabilizing the property, we work to prevent further destruction and loss. We work closely with insurance companies and can coordinate with them before repairs begin.


Our priority is: 

  • To protect life, safety and health of Owners & Residents

  • To protect the property and assets

  • To prioritize the utilization of available resources, including Emergency Response Teams

Overtime hourly charges apply to all phone calls received by the TPG on-call staff member. Charges are assessed to the person calling the after-hours number and requesting a return call. If The Property Group needs to physically respond to an emergency, an additional fee of $150 will be charged.

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Project Facilitation

TPG will respond to after-hours calls relating to these issues:

  • Fire to the building/unit

  • Water and/or flood; both internal and external

  • Tree falling onto a building

  • Wind tearing of roof shingles or siding

  • Elevators not working

  • Building and/or unit security (broken windows, doors, etc.)

TPG will not respond to after-hours calls relating to these issues, unless the caller agrees to pay the emergency charges:

  • Clogged toilets

  • Smoke detectors beeping

  • Light bulbs burned out

  • Lost keys and/or remote access and therefore cannot access building or unit

  • Illegally parked vehicles

Call us to take care of any property related emergency you have, including:

Fire and smoke damage

Water, flood and mold damage

Storm and wind damage

Vehicle impact damage

Break-in vandalism and damage repairs