Island Crossings Kudos

THANK YOU for your continued and tireless patience with our residents. Obviously some of us insist on that silver spoon treatment. YOU and your department have done a grand job of getting us through this maze of work and restoration. I as President of our Board sincerely thank you for all you have done to please everyone. Gold stars to you and your crew! Island Crossings Condominium, Bainbridge Island

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Community Next: 2020 and Beyond

Check out the CAI page to learn more about the information below:   COMMUNITY NEXT: 2020 AND BEYOND   For more than 40 years, CAI has educated, advocated, published and informed people living and working in common-interest communties. Thanks to those ongoing efforts, we have a strong and valuable understanding of community associations today. But what we do know about the challenges and opportunities that await common-interest communities in the years to come, and what can we do now to minimize uncertainty and elevate our collective ability to manage the future? With that question in mind, CAI embarked on Community Next: 2020 and Beyond, and initiative launched in 2015 to define the future of the community association model. The results of this lengthy initiative are four Community Next reports that represent the best thinking of several dozen CAI leaders and nonmember community association stakeholders. Association Governance Model Community Management External Influences [...]

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Kuddos from PSPM

Just wanted to send you some kuddos.. Your guys have been in and out of here the last few days. I have to say they are very pleasant, considerate and great bunch of guys you have working for you. You should be proud of your team!   Heidi   Heidi Anderson Managing Broker/Owner Puget Sound Property Management, Inc. 901 Hildebrand Lane NE #102 Bainbridge Island, WA  98110 (206) 842-9557

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Olympian 2015 Refurbishment Project

Olympian is a condominium located on Bainbridge Island, WA with three residential buildings. The roofs were projected to have a few years left before needing to be replaced. A number of leaks developed over the preceding years, causing damage to the interiors of units. Siding was starting to fail, in particular at joints and areas with minimal or no flashings. Flashings were missing in areas as well. Rot was developing at posts and other areas... Click Here to continue reading the full story! OLY 2015 Refurbishment Project

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Winslow Park 2013 Refurbishment Project

Winslow Park is a condominium located on Bainbridge Island, WA with six residential buildings and a rec room. A plan was developed in 2011 to replace the siding on one building each year, and Building 1 had new siding and paint completed this same year. During the course of replacing siding on Building 1, significant rot to this and other buildings was noted, along with surface and underground water collecting in crawl spaces.... Click Here to continue reading the full story! WP 2013 Refurbishment Project

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Letter of Recommendation – Vikings Crest

October 26, 2015   To Whom It May Concern, We would like to take this opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for The Property Group.  Laura Harris and her team have always demonstrated professionalism and integrity in managing our property for the last several years.  She and her team have a broad breadth of experience and knowledge gained by their many years in the property management business.  Laura encourages further educational classes for herself and her employees to better educate and prepare them for their work and she has spent a great deal of her time and patience educating our board members on important issues also. The Property Group has done an excellent job, balancing our goals, the needs of our owners, and the care of our property. We have come to rely on their honesty, integrity and wisdom in helping us deal with all different types of situations [...]

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